The history of wine prooduction in the state of California dates back to the late 1700's when missionaries introduced wine culture to the area. And although Napa and Sonoma are known as excellent production centers for California wine in general ... the Monterey area also produces fine wines which are by no means inferior to them. In the 1960s, a Dr. Winkler, regarding a study under the auspices of the California State University Davis’ Department of Viticulture and
Enology, reported that in comparison with the Napa and Sonoma regions, the climate and soil conditions in the Monterey area were in no way inferior to these more famous locals, and wine production began in earnest the 1970s. The type of production grapes include Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc for white wines, and Pinot Noir is representative of the reds. There are approximately 175 vineyards within 150km of each other, with about 85 wineries producing and selling several kinds of wine. Some of the more famous wineries include Chalone, Talbot, Bernardus, Morgan and Chateau Julian, and although it's not in Monterey County, the so called Romanee Conti of California, Carrera, is also nearby.