About 180km south of the entrance to the American West Coast, San Francisco, lies the Monterey Peninsula which juts out a little into the Pacific Ocean and is home to the Pebble Beach Golf Resort, one of America's primere golf experiences, Monterey, the first capitol of California, and Carmel, often compared to the Garden of Eden.There is also the town of Pacific Grove where ice plants paint the coastline pink from May to June.

The natural setting of the Monterey Peninsula, providing many opportunities to encounter wild life, is not just for residents of the U.S., but is one of the most sought after tourists destinations for people all over the world.Golf on the Monterey Peninsula where fresh breezes rustle under the blue sky, explore the surrounding communities while experiencing its history and wildlife, the Monterey Aquarium which can be seen from the nearby coast, the galleries and unique shops lining the streets in Carmel, you can also enjoy fascinating local wines that are by no means inferior to those found in Napa.

The Monterey Peninsula where it is said four seasons can be experienced in one day, in a comparatively warm climate, with a rainy season in the winter, and although it becomes chilly at night, the days can often be spent in short sleeves under bountiful blue skies.Conversely, even in the summer, cold winds blow in from the north, making light jackets a necessity.

 Pebble Beach Resort

Driving along the famous sightseeing route, 17 Mile Drive, which circumvents the resort, visitors are struck by such things as the Lone Cypress, Bird Rock where fowl come to rest, and golf courses along the seashore.
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There is a wide variety of sea birds living on Fisherman's Wharf, and you can observe seals and sea otters who are feeding in the bay.

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Compared to the Garden of Eden in novelist John Steinbeck's, East of Eden, who was born and rised in Salinas, which located to the east of Carmel.

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 Cannery Row

It is possible to observe the ecology of the fish and shellfish which inhabit the waters of Monterey Bay in over 550 exhibits at the Monterey Aquarium which averages over five thousand visitors a day.

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The history of wine prooduction in the state of California dates back to the late 1700's when missionaries introduced wine culture to the area.

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 Big Sur

If you drive along the scenic route of Highway 1 down the Pacific Coast for about an hour you will find the state park called, Big Sur, about 50km south of Monterey.

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 Hearst Castle

The castle and gardens were built in the Mediterranean style over a period of about 30 years by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst.

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