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Each tour can be reserved for two or more persons.

 Monterey/Carmel Half-day Tour (3.5 Hours)

This tour covers the highlights around the Monterey peninsula.
Your driver/guide, who actually resides in Monterey, will show you the sights along with local knowledge and yore.

Adults: $85/per person
Children (ages 2 to 11): $70/per child

 Whale Watching Tour (3.5 Hours)

Many varieties of whales migrating between Mexico in the south and Alaska in the north, ofttimes take shelter in the waters off Monterey.
During the winter season, it is possible to see whale plumes from the coast, however, it is truly a shocking sight to these huge figures up close outside Monterey Bay!
Sighting whales in the summer is rare, but you can see dolphins, sea otters, and seals swimming along side the ship. You can also enjoy excursions to the adjacent waters.

Adults: $110/per person
Children (ages 2 to 11): $95/per child

 Wine Tasting Tour (3.5 Hours)

We tour three wineries that are representative of Monterey wine.Located at the enterence of Carmel Valley, Chateau Julien reminds one of a small European chateau. We'll go tasting there and at other wineries as well where you will be able to check out the vineyards spreading out before your eyes and their wine making operations.From wines made from Italian grapes to Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon, you can enjoy tasting a variety of recommended wines during your visit.

Adults: $110/per person

 Wine Tasting at Calera Winery and Old Town (4 Hours)

Calera is famous for Burgundy style wines, and the tour also takes you to San Juan Batista, a town that looks like it came from the set of a western movie.

Adults: $130/per person

 The Monterey Aquarium and Cannery Row (4 hours)

Aquarium officials from around the world use the Monterey Aquarium as a reference. There are quite a number of exhibits that mimic the waters around Monterey Bay There are quite a number of exhibits that mimic the waters around Monterey Bay, creating the illusion of walking under the ocean.

Adults: $104/per person
Children (ages 2 to 11): $100/per child

 Horseback Riding Tour (at Pebble Beach) (2.5 Hours)

With this horseback tour at the Pebble Beach Resort, we go along trails through forested nature reserves mostly untouched by civilization until we reach a point along the coast at Bird Rock adjacent to the Spyglass Hill goulf course.Looking over the forest and the coastline at an elevated level on the back of a horse with a cool breeze blowing is a pleasant experience.

Adults: $125/per person

 Hearst Castle and Scenic Route (11.5 Hours)

Going south on Hwy. 1 from the Monterey Peninsula, on our way to our destination, Hearst Castle, we'll take a look at several places, such as, Big Sur State Park with its superb views overlooking the scenic Pacific Ocean.
During the tour of the castle grounds which overlook San Simion,
you'll see lavish townhouses for guests decorated in art, beautiful gardens and both inside and outside pools.
And be sure to check out the statuary from ancient Egypt lining your tour route.

Adults: $200/per person
Children (ages 2 to 11): $190/per child

We can also charter services for those who desire other tours.
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