Pebble Beach Resort
Samuel F. B. Morse, the creator of the Pebble Beach resort, loved the boundless beauty of the Monterey Peninsula and came to own vast land holdings.As a businessman, he furthered the development of tourism while attaching importance to preseving nature, and this spirit survives to this day.Driving along the famous sightseeing route, the 17 Mile Drive, which circumvents the resort, you'll see such things as the Lone Cypress, which has
become the trademark of the Pebble Beach Resort, Bird Rock where fowl come to rest, the golf courses along the seashore which surround the two representative hotels called, The Inn and The Lodge, There are the Pebble Beach Golf Links, the Links at Spanish Bay, the representative private course, the Cypress Club, and the Monterey Peninsula Country Club.Visitors are struck at the opulance and the palatial residences owned by celebrities from all walks of life.