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Tour info on golfing in Pebble Beach to golf tours all cross the US, to sightseeing in Carmel and the Monterey Peninsula.

The Inn at Spanish Bay

The Pebble Beach Company owns three hotels
in the Pebble Beach resort.
The Inn at Spanish Bay was the second hotel built
after the Lodge.
It was completed in 1988 and celebrated its
25th anniversary recently.

As the name suggests, Spanish Bay is a beautiful
4 story hotel done up in Spanish sytle.
The rooms are spacious and they all come equipped
with a gas fireplace, mini-bar and modern furniture.

The bathrooms are equipped
with both a private shower and a bathtub,
the soap, shampoo, and rinse which are used
by the spa, have been carefully selected.
Such luxurious amenities make your stay more extravagant!

When you arrive at your room after check-in you'll
find chocolate and bottled water
placed on your bed as welcome gifts
from the Pebble Beach Company.
Moreover, there are snacks in the cabinet
under the TV and you can have soft drinks
from the refrigerator free of charge.
A choice of alcoholic beverages are also available
in the mini-bar refrigerator for a fee.
There are four tennis courts located on the grounds
and guests can use these at night as well.
In addition, there is a heated pool, Jacuzzi,
and a small spa which is used for massages,
as a steam room and sauna.
The main spa is located near the first hole of the
Pebble Beach Golf Course where facial
and manicure services are conducted.

We recommend that you use the shuttle that circulates
between the three hotels, the spa,
and the four golf courses belonging to Pebble Beach
and check out the entire resort area.

Also, the Spanish Bay golf course was
established on this site,
and almost every hole commands a view of the ocean.
You can enjoy this wonderful scenery during your golf play.
The hotel has three regionally famous restaurants
so you can enjoy a sumptuous meal here on site.

And to top everything off, a bag piper performs in the evenings.
Every evening at six during the summer months, and 4:30 in the winter,
a bag piper decked out in traditional Scottish kilt,
meanders around the course performing,
starting at the first tee.
While sitting around the outside of the fire pit,
and as guests, as well as,
people from the neighborhood, enjoy their meals,
the bag piper makes his appearance.