Casa Munras Hotel
This hotel is located in the heart of downtown Monterey, directly opposite the hotel, there is a Denny's, also in the back there is a small shopping center. Thesre's a "Trader Joes" supermarket which services America's many organic food devotees, and an RG Burger, (top notch hamburger chain), in the neighborhood Stylish coffee shops and pharmacies add to the very posh atmosphere.

Not only is the location convenient, the Casa Munras Hotel also features a heated outdoor pool, fitness center, restaurant and spa. It is a very stylish hotel. Ownership changed hands in December of last year, and almost all the rooms have been remodeled. You can also use the conference rooms for golf commendation and other group meetings, and as you can choose in accordance with the number of people in your party they very convenient.

We recommend taking a walk around town and take in some of the local sights. A farmers market is held every Tuesday evening and the main street is shut down to traffic and becomes a pedestrian paradise. Food from various countries is prepared on the spot, and the delicious aroma of food stimulates the appetite. Moreover, flowers, vegetables, fruits, eggs, fresh baked cake, bread and Cookies, accessories are all lined up alone the street. It is always crowded with local residents on these days.

There is a bus terminal two minutes walk from the hotel, where buses take off for various parts of the Monterey peninsula. Don't you think it would be thrill to explore the neighborhoods of Monterey by bus?

How about taking a walk downtown to Fisherman's Wharf? The wild creatures of the Warf, fur seals, walruses, pelicans, seagulls, pigeons, etc. are awaiting to greet you there. And begining with a restaurant once owned by renowned chef John Pisto, there are many highly recommended seafood restaurants lining with both sides of the Warf. These are also popular with the locals. Each restaurant competes for the best tasting clam chowder, and offer sample tastings to tourists passing by.